My approach

My Approach to your wedding day is very relaxed avoiding any stuffy or formal photographs, ensuring you remember the fun and frolics, just as they were.

I remain in the background throughout the day, capturing things discretely and ensuring you barely notice I am there. I am on hand though to help, taking the rings to the church, pushing a stuck car out of the mud, securing your boobs into your dress………..yes, I have done all that at previous weddings!

Leading up to the wedding we will have plenty of opportunity to chat through timings and locations etc. Some couples do give me a handful of group shots that they require, that’s fine, but I encourage this to be kept to a minimum so we can maximise time getting the natural, fun stuff.

Shooting “REAL” moments and keeping the day authentic, always gets the best out of people. Happy, colourful and fun! I want you to look at your wedding images and be teleported straight back to the day.

The only time I need you to myself is when we shoot the couple portraits. We usually head off somewhere within the venue grounds or in the car en route. Twenty minutes is plenty of time for me to capture some beautiful couple shots. Sometimes I have less time, other times more, it just depends on how the day is planned, and what time allows. I will only pinch you for the minimal amount of time needed though.

Once the day is over, I start straight away on pulling together a beautiful edit of storytelling images that you will want to share with everyone.

The editing is a significant part of the process as I like the colours in my images to be bright and vibrant, and my black and whites to look punchy. A lot of love and care goes into preparing your final photos so you can expect your wedding edit 4-6 weeks after the day. I always post up a number of preview shots to wet the appetite, as know couples are always so excited to see something. Its always worth the wait, and once you do receive them, you won’t be able to stop looking at them!

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